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Private Water Well Permits


In the State of Connecticut, the local health department is the jurisdictional agency responsible for protection and enforcing regulations with regard to private drinking water wells. It is the well owners responsibility to check the quality of their own drinking water. 

HVHD provides the following services:

Private Water Well Permits

  • Plan Review and Inspection of New Private Water Wells and Repairs
  • Water Analysis for Potability, Chemical and Physical Characteristics

Essential Info

  • In order to obtain a Housatonic Valley Health District local Certificate to Operate, an applicant must first apply for and receive a DHD License.
  • HVHD also provides information about how chemical contamination in your well can affect your health.
  • Private well owners are responsible for testing the quality of their own drinking water and maintaining their own wells. 
  • CT Local Health Departments and Districts have authority over private wells in their respective towns for proper siting and approval before construction.
  • For more information, about private drinking water wells, call the Housatonic Valley Health District at 203-264-9616


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Updated: April 15, 2024

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