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Housatonic Valley Health District Food Inspection Program provides licensure and conducts annual inspections for all food service establishments under HVHD jurisdiction. In addition, the District reviews plans for proposed food establishments. The District investigates food-borne illness complaints, reviews applications and performs inspections for food trucks and temporary food booths at carnivals/fairs, and conducts food education seminars for food service workers. We also review plans for new or renovated food service establishments.

All food services related inquiries should be sent to eht@hvhd.us.



Do I need a food service license?

  • A food service license is NOT required if you are selling or handing out ONLY non-perishable, unopened, commercially prepackaged foods to the public at an event. A license is required if you wish to serve samples.
  • If you are operating a restaurant, bakery, retail food store, deli, convenience store, bar, or similar establishment, you must have a Food Service License. Submit a Food Service License Application. You may also have to undergo a Food Service Plan Review.
  • If you are holding a temporary food event, you must submit a Temporary Food License Application
  • If you are organizing an event, you must submit a Event Organizer Form.

FDA Food Code

Where Can I Obtain a Food Protection Manager Certificate?

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Updated: February 1, 2022

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