Mission, Vision, & Values


The Housatonic Valley Health District serves New Milford, Oxford, Sharon, Southbury, Washington, and Woodbury. The mission of the Housatonic Valley Health District is to create better health outcomes and promote the highest attainable standard of health. This is accomplished through three principles, which include prevention, education, and outreach. HVHD prevents disease, injury, and disability for their community through regular inspections of public and private businesses and homes to ensure conditions exist where people can be healthy. HVHD uses education to inform the public and health practitioners on public health best practices, policy information, and the impacts and methods of prevention for the spread of communicable diseases. HVHD conducts outreach to engage their communities that experience obstacles in accessing the public health services they need, deliver vaccines to the community, and advocate for needed and beneficial health policies.


The Housatonic Valley Health District’s vision is to promote a culture of health, enable access to all services for the community, provide the highest quality of public health leadership and services, create better health outcomes through the prevention of disease and injury, and promote policies that enable longer and healthier lives. 


Community First

Every decisions we make is governed by a “Community First” principle. 

Professional Service

Whether administering clinical health services, inspecting businesses and homes, or assisting the community with administrative needs, we always maintain the highest level of professionalism and customer service. 

Inclusion, Equity and Accessibility

We believe health and access to public health services is a human right and will always foster an environment of kindness, compassion, care, and respect with a goal of inclusion and equitable treatment amongst colleagues and the public.

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