Data Visualization Dashboards


Housatonic Valley Health District (HVHD) has taken a pioneering step in transparency and community engagement by developing an innovative series of dashboards that portray the impactful work. Through these dashboards, HVHD provides an intuitive and comprehensive visual representation of their services, effectively bridging the gap between their initiatives and the communities they serve.

These dashboards serve as dynamic windows into the heart of HVHD’s operations, capturing the essence of their commitment to community well-being. With a seamless blend of data analytics and user-friendly design, the dashboards offer real-time insights into the range of services HVHD offers. By transforming complex data into easily digestible graphs, charts, and visual aids, the dashboards empower stakeholders, community members, and partners to grasp the depth and impact of HVHD’s efforts at a glance.

Dashboard topics include Environmental Health Building and Septic Overview, 2022 HVHD Flu Clinic Overview, and much more to come.

Environmental Health Dashboards

Updated: September 25, 2023

Community Health Dashboards

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